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Studio 4 Hair Design

perfect ingredients, perfect hair

The experienced and talented team at Studio 4 Hair Design are among the most qualified in the industry.


Owner / Designer

I have been Creating fabulous hair for the last 23 years. I enjoy the ever changing world of fashion and enjoy the amazing Clients that I have the pleasure of doing Business with. My Promise to you as the owner is to make sure that my team and I are educated and ready to make your Day!


Independent Contractor / Stylist

32 years in the industry and with Studio 4 Hair Design since 2003. Lisa came to us from beautiful California. She is an amazing!

Artist using Goldwell.

We value her talent!

Ally Manzo


 New to the industry I am excited to take on new clients and listen to you're needs and wants. I've had the pleasure of being with Studio 4 for almost 2 years. When I was finishing up beauty school I was able to do an internship where I learned and trained with Jenny. Now as a licensed stylist I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way and continue to grow as a stylist. 

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